Greetings! My name is Arjun and I am studying Econometrics and operational research. Economics and mathematics have played a central role in my study programs and I am looking to sharing this knowledge with others. I scored in the top 5% for Economics and Mathematics, hence I believe I understand the core of these subjects and their methodology. One of my strengths is teaching in a systematized manner. That is, I take into consideration the concept and questions related to it, to find a clear way of explaining it. I would also apply various strategies based on the type of student and ensure focusing on getting good marks, as well as a perfect understanding of the concepts. Step by step teaching and patiently handling stuff would be my key tools, as well as going forward as and when desired in accordance with the student.


Hello! My name is Subha and I am from India. I have done my Bachelor’s degree in Physics with Mathematics as my elective subject and also done my Bachelor of Education from India. I have had the passion of teaching from my childhood. It gives me immense happiness when I see I am able to contribute something to a child’s development. I have worked as a teacher in various schools in India before motherhood and subsequent relocation to The Netherlands happened. Teaching for me is a continuous learning process where I learn how to adapt changes in my way of teaching. Each child is different and hence the approach to teach them also varies.


Hello! I am Malavika and I am doing my masters in Astronomy at Leiden University. I have an Electrical Engineering degree. Being new to academia, I soon realised that conveying science is just as important as doing it. Teachers have the privilege to convey science and I want to be a part of it. Sometimes it is easy to miss the context behind the learning. I want to try to fill this gap and hope to make learning science interesting and fun. In this dynamic process, I not only intend to help the student but also learn to be a better teacher myself. My area of interest is Math and  Physics, and I have had some experience teaching before. As a student myself I also want to help another student achieve clarity in realising his/her interest either in science or otherwise.


Hi there! My name is Anita and I am currently pursuing my Masters in Aerospace Engineering at the TU Delft. I have a Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering (from India) and am very good with math and physics. I am creative, patient and have excellent communication skills which I think are a key to imparting knowledge. I believe that teachers have the precious opportunities to build a student’s self-concept, help shape a dream, provide direction and show them that they have worth and value and I would like to be that teacher. Teaching give me a deep sense of purpose and is the most satisfying.


"Hello! I am masters student in Astronomy at Leiden University and completed my Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering from the Institute of Technology Kanpur. With the aim to help the community and share my love for science and maths, I joined RAA Indian National Invention Mission in my senior undergraduate year. The aim of this initiative is to nurture a spirit of inquiry, creativity, and love for science and mathematics among the school children. For this initiative, I demonstrated experiments and conducted lectures for both high school children and teachers. Apart from honing my teaching skills, the entire process turned out to be one of the most unique and extensive learning experience for me. I am looking forward to fulfil the task of helping my students advance and inculcating critical thinking skills in them."


Hello! My name is Ashish and you can call me Ash! I am doing my masters in Statistics at Leiden University. I am well versed in Physics and Mathematics and programming languages such as C ++, Python, and “R”. My goal is to incorporate teaching into my life regardless of my exact career path. I love to teach in a  holistic and fun way! Teaching has always been my passion. My teaching experience comprises supporting students for TOEFL and GRE (both international and Indian students) during my Bachelors in India. I plan to pursue my Ph.D. after my Masters and eventually become a professor. Hence you can expect me to be very motivated when tutoring, as this will add on as a great source of experience for me in my plan of things. In addition, I love to travel, love animals and get along very well with people.


"Hello my name is Arisa,
After receiving my degree in Analytical Chemistry, I worked several years in secondary education in The Hague, 7 years at a biopharmaceutical laboratory, 2 years in a medical clinical lab, and since 2 years as a teacher in secondary vocational education. I am very passionate about chemistry, biology and mathematics, and I would love to share my passion for these subjects with young students. Science and mathematics are fascinating subjects, and students should be stimulated to learn about them through a sense of curiosity and excitement, and not just for grades. I believe that by explaining how science and mathematics is all around us combined with my experience and social and communicative skills, I can excite my students."


"Hello, my name is Anna and I am in my third year of the International Bachelor of Psychology at Leiden University. Although I am Dutch, I have spent the majority of my life living abroad as an expat. Ever since I was young I have loved learning and I am passionate about a wide range of subjects, including biology, history, mathematics and various language courses. I believe that paired with my enthusiasm and passion about learning, I can guide students to achieve their full potential, and possibly even more."


"Hoi! My name is Sanjana and I am a chemical engineer graduate from TU Delft. My academic life has helped me in strengthening my conceptual knowledge in science and mathematics, particularly chemistry. My love for tutoring can be traced back to my time in India where I worked as a tutor for an NGO. I continued tutoring kids in The Netherlands and have an experience of teaching chemistry and mathematics. I believe that every child has a different perspective and a different approach towards the subject and the key to be a successful teacher is to understand their specific approach. I aim to deal with my students patiently and keep an open minded and creative approach while dealing with their problems. Give a visit to my LinkedIn profile to know more about my professional experience. I look forward to meet you!


"Hi, my name is Gabor, a Hungarian-American, living in the Hague. I received my Bachelor degree in Business Administration from Florida International University. Soon after, I started my postgraduate studies in International Relations in Switzerland, first earning a Master, then Doctorate degree in International Relations. I had worked as an Associate Professor at the Geneva School of Diplomacy from 2006 to 2009, teaching a wide range of subjects, from economics to social sciences, mostly to Bachelor level students. I would consider teaching my true calling, the satisfaction that comes with sharing knowledge in a creative and encouraging way, positively influencing my students and trying my best to further their critical thinking."


"Originally from Ethiopia, I have grown up abroad attending international schools and completed the IGCSE and IB programs in Holland. I went on to read Economics for my first degree and Local Economics for my masters at the University of London. I have previously worked in development economics, marketing and business development in a number of countries. I’m interested in tutoring as it will allow me to work during times which suit me, and to assist students to gain he grades and understanding they require for their next steps in life. I enjoy traveling and reading."


Hi, my name is Britt and I am currently doing my Master’s in Dutch as a Second Language. Before this, I finished my Bachelor in Linguistics. I have experience in one-to-one teaching on a voluntarily basis, which I like to do, and that is why I want to start my teacher training after my master's. This year I'm doing an internship at an international oriented elementary school. By working at Astrea, I would like to develop my teacher skills even more and earn more experience in teaching. I would love to meet you and share my knowledge and enthusiasm for language learning!


"Hello, my name is Don and I am originally from sunny California. I studied Comparative Literature and English at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. My unique training and extensive travelling have instilled within me a hunger to never stop learning or sharing. I have a broad range of teaching experience including IB program, LD challenges and exam preparation. It is my goal to inspire students to learn creatively and on a personal level in order to maximize their potential. I pride myself on being an exceedingly motivated, enthusiastic and innovative professional that is highly adaptable. I have a sincere passion for education, knowledge and development and I look forward to the opportunity to create a positive and effective experience!"


"I have studied Mathematics and Physics and have been working for the last 8 years with children aged between 7 and 18 years old. I am an adaptable and caring person who enjoys supporting the development of children’s personal and social skills. I am open-minded, patient and result oriented, willing to make a difference into other people’s lives. When it comes to tutoring, I think communication and adaptability play a big role in the process, as well as focusing on achieving long term goals."


“Hello! My name is Bhavana and I recently received my Masters at Delft University of Technology. I hold a Bachelors degree from the Center for Environmental Planning and Technology, India. During my education, I have formed a strong math and science basis, but for my Master I opted for a change in my career by choosing Urban Planning. My curiosity and interest in the Sciences never faded away. As the eldest child in the family of engineers and doctors, science has always played a central part in my life. I am experienced in tutoring Math, Physics, and Chemistry at a wide range of levels. During this academic year I have tutored multiple students in Chemistry. The perspective of gaining and spreading knowledge, from and to my students excites me. I look forward to the opportunity of providing students with my knowledge and help them improve their reasoning and critical thinking skills as well as teaching me something new in my everyday life.”


"My name is Jo Coenen, and I am currently a Master's student at the University of Leiden, specifically in the Global Affairs faculty situated in The Hague. I am half-Dutch and half-Nicaragua, and I grew up in the United States for most of my childhood. In terms of teaching, I was introduced to it as I was chosen to lead acting workshops both in Fairfax, Virginia and in Amsterdam. I grew to really enjoy teaching, and now I look to tutoring in various subjects like history, politics, and economics. I look forward to engaging in active and fruitful tutoring sessions!"


“Hi, I am Kirthika. I hold Masters degree in Biotechnology. You will get to know me as kind, creative and caring. I love teaching because it is the way to share knowledge and learn at the same time. I want to further develop myself in being a motivator and an educator. I am a supportive teacher, fulfilling the educational needs of my students. My aim at effective learning follows through asking the right questions and setting the right context. Granted the opportunity, I expect to be a pillar for the success of the student."


"Hi there! My name is Denzel and I am currently doing my Master’s in Biology and science communication. Coming from the Caribbean island Curacao, I have a multicultural background and have worked in academic research in international environments. As a researcher and communicator, I am eager to help individuals learn about science and stimulate their scientific interest. This eagerness had ultimately led me to start tutoring. I have worked as a private tutor for four years, helping a variety of students with their science courses on different levels of secondary education. I am very patient, caring and enthusiastic, and I look forward to further help students grow and reach their own educational goals, while also growing as an educator myself."


"Hi, my name is Ariel, I am currently pursuing a BSc in Psychology at Leiden University. I hold certifications in International Trade and a BA in Linguistics. I was born in South Africa and later moved to Poland to learn Polish and coached fellow linguistics students in my mother tongue of English. My English prowess granted me the opportunity to work in recruiting for a multinational consulting firm, where high-impact communication was key. By conducting workshops on multicultural etiquette I saw through the glass of cultural relativism. I am thus delighted to foster an appreciation of the unique needs and potential of each individual. At Astrea, I aim to improve my teaching skills and guide students of all ages in a fun and encouraging manner on their way to native-like proficiency in English!"


"Hello! I'm Tania, a Chilean 25 year old woman doing a master in Astronomy in the University of Leiden. Throughout my career I have always dedicated part of my time to teaching children, teenagers and young adults. I have done this as a freelance home tutor and as a teaching assistant in the university in Chile. These experiences have left such a great impact on me that I wish to dedicate myself completely to education in the future. From my point of view, learning is a process of growing and expanding, for both the student and the teacher, and elements such as empathy, transparency and knowledge are vital for the process to be successful. I am eager and excited to guide a student here, from a different culture and in a different language. Cheers!"


"Hello, I am Nurseda and I have graduated from the international school Rijnlands Lyceum located in Oegstgeest. Since Chemistry, Biology, and Maths were my favorite subjects, I have decided to complete my studies related to these topics. After having received my IB diploma, I completed my Bachelors in Bio-pharmaceutical Sciences at Leiden University. While searching for a master I want to share my knowledge with others. I believe that being familiar with the international school system allows me to better relate to these students. For me it is very important to go through things step by step, since every detail – even basic ones – can be very important in a learning process. Having had the experience with some teachers who neglected this and assumed their students already knew the details, I would like to contribute to bringing about a change. Not everyone that knows much about a subject, can explain it in a clear way. It is the ability to explain well that makes a teacher a good teacher."


"Hello, My name is Oana and I am a master student in Engineering and Policy Analysis with a background in Computer Science. I have chosen the path of computers and engineering due to my early passion for mathematics in school. Even now, with every new topic I learn, I am still amazed by how much mathematics has the power to shape the world around us and our understanding of it. I believe a good teacher knows how to convey both the abstract, the practical and the fun side of mathematics. And they should do it with enough patience and creativity to allow the students to be engaged and develop their own reasoning path. These are qualities I aim for when assisting students in learning this complex but fascinating topic."


“Hello! My name is Melda, I am currently pursuing my Bachelor of Law at Leiden University. Originally, I am from Turkey, but I was born and raised up in the Netherlands. In the past, I gave Dutch lessons to many, including refugees and pupils from the primary school. What I like about a language is that it is connected with culture. If you want to learn Dutch, you need more than understanding grammar and the technical side. By learning a language, you also will learn the culture from a different perspective. I am very passionate about teaching and I will continue as long as my students will understand the study material and gain results!”


“Hi, my name is Jake and I am currently finishing my Masters in History at Leiden University. I also gained my bachelors in History at the University of Essex in England. I am an engaging, patient and compassionate individual who possesses good communication skills which have served me well when teaching History and English in the past. My enthusiasm for spreading knowledge in combination with these characteristics, play an important role in my teaching because they enable me to build a rapport with my students that serves to create a better environment for learning and personal development.”

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