Our tutors are qualified and very motivated teachers, students, or graduates. We have extensive experience tutoring students in the International Baccalaureate, the British system, and the American system.

We select on:

  • Motivation, patience, and commitment. These indicate how far you are willing to go to understand the student’s needs.
  • Knowledge and experience. These indicate the pace of your efforts to understanding the student’s needs.
  • Social, pedagogical, and communication skillsThese indicate the level of your ability to elicit and understand the student’s needs.
  • Flexibility and self-reflection. As a teacher your greatest asset is to be able to adapt your approach to the specific needs of your students.

Our tutors participate in several workshops about education and teaching while working with us.

You can find recaps on some of our workshops in the left column on this page. 

Meet our tutors

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