Meet our clients


“I learned about Astrea when I was in secondary school. I was having much trouble with mathematics and feeling very insecure about that. From the very beginning they had a very personal approach that not only helped improve my mathematics, but also helped me get over my insecurity. Step by step we figured out what my strong and weak point are, and that helped us to systematically work on that. I have always felt very comfortable with Astrea and it helped me out a lot.”


“I got to know about Astrea in August 2012, through a client at work. Before this time, my kids who are in the primary school had difficulties with their home work and I was not of so much help because of the language barrier.   Within a few months of tutoring, my kids changed intellectually and today, they are doing very well at school. They almost do not require any help with their Home work and they speak and read more English.  I am completely satisfied with the tutorial sessions of Astrea.”



"I was initially reluctant to start home tutoring since I thought school time was enough‎ for my 8 year old. However, from a positive feedback from a friend, I signed up and have found within 2 months and improvement in my son's understanding of some concepts he found difficult in maths.   The lessons are one-on- one, very relaxed , fun and is aligned with his school work concentrating on difficult areas."